1. The expected outcomes of our seminars and workshops

      • Setting life-goals and live a purpose-driven life
      • A drastic mindset shift from a unproductive to transformational paradigm
      • An improved understanding of the critical role of each member of staff in achieving the overall organizational goals and objectives
      • An enhanced self-discipline through the establishment of a self-development system
      • An enhanced responsiveness to organizational issues and challenges through improved critical and analytical thinking, and conflict resolution skills;
      • Move into top 3% leadership capability in your Community, City or Nation
      • Open your mind up and enhance your career and leadership skills
      • Take personal responsibility for your organisation's performance and lead it into great heights.

      “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

      Margaret Mead

      Comments from CAP Beneficiaries

      “The generation of people we have nowadays needs to be informed because their morals are low and need to be taught. So the CAP training is a good idea. We hope we can be able to fund it so that our leaders can benefit from this programme”

      Hon. Lillian Sylivia Ajiambo, District Deputy Mayor, Tororo Municipal Council

      “CAP is God sent. The training is an eye-opener. I learned about success; that most of the things we need to succeed are within us and that which makes us fail must be removed”

      - Paul Ssemanda, Agricultural Officer Kalangala Local government District

      "Success is not measured by the position I reach in my life, it is only measured by the hindrance or insurmountable hardships that I overcome. I appreciate this training/vision because had it not been for CAP, I wouldn't have known this"

      - Peter Kasaja, Economist, Jinja

      “The sessions have been so wonderful. I feel empowered and I know I will not remain the same again. I will come next time for more training. I am so privileged to have interacted with the instructor”

      - Charles Were, Audit Officer, Local Government Kalangala District

      “I thank this Organisation so much because of what it has made me become in life. It helped me to seriously discover the 'leader' in me. Am no longer the same as I was before I commenced this course"

      - Moses Edema, Pastor, Jinja

      “We have learned how to behave and also how to manage finances well and above all, I am going to inform my fellow councilors about what I have learned so that they can join us next time because it is so interesting. Hence, we need you to come back for more training”

      - Ms. Nakawungu Resty, District Speaker, Kalangala

      “I have been taught to live a purpose-driven life. Before I came to CAP, I did not know my purpose – just doing anything that came my way. Now I realise that I can influence other people – that am a leader wherever I find myself. I have improved on my time-management skills and have learned how to develop my character"

      - Monica Tumusiime, School Teacher, Jinja

      “I appreciate CAP's service. I am so privileged to have attended these sessions. I have learned how to save and to invest and also I will fight the indiscipline traits that I have and will never remain the same”

      - Zabellah Nabbuye, Student at Ssese Farm Institute