Our Recent Event

      The 2018 Youth Empowerment Week (8th - 12th September 2018)

      Theme: Maximise self-efficiency and increase productivity


      Dream Land Guest House, Kalangala, Ssese Islands - Uganda


      1. Solomon Ekiyor (Guest Youth Worker)

      2. Samuel Adedoyin (Life-Coach)

      3. Paul-Esupofo Oriade (Movie Director)

      4. Esther Kuganja (Trainer)

      The Free Youth Empowerment Seminar times will be 10 am – 5 pm each day.

      What to expect:

      a) Mentoring Class - Gain Understanding about Life and Building Skills for Excellence

      8th - 9th September 2018

      b) Drama and Filming Workshops - Gain some film-making experience and use it as a transformation tool

      10th - 12th September 2018

      c) Entrepreneurship Skills Seminar - Capacity Building, Opportunities, Creativity, etc.

      11th - 12th September 2018