How it Started

    Our Vision: ‘Uganda, the byword for character’.

    Our Mission Statement: ‘To improve, strengthen and increase the quality of Ugandan life through character building’.


    1. 1. To raise leaders of character who will take responsibility for their nation and the world;
    2. 2. To establish a culture of discipline in Uganda through trainings, seminars and workshops;
    3. 3. To demonstrate overtime, a marked improvement in the character and culture of discipline of the people of Uganda;
    4. 4. To educate the population against corruption and discrimination.
    5. 5. To partner with schools and bring the elements of character development into the education system.
    6. 6. Enhance Uganda’s reputation in terms of justice and righteousness on the International platform
    7. 7. Raise the standards of customer service year on year for each of the next 10 years
    8. 8. Reduce Uganda’s bribery prevalence rate by at least 50% in the next 20 years.

    CAP Core Values (RID):

    1. 1. Responsibility
    2. 2. Integrity
    3. 3. Diligence

    We aim at producing leaders who are responsible citizens of integrity and are diligent at continuous personal-development.